Safety Village Director


About our Camp Director: 

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My name is Jordyn Vandergrift and I am returning as the director of Safety Village this summer! I am a recent graduate from the College of the Holy Cross, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with an Education minor. I will be joining the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) in Berkeley, CA, as a Programming Coordinator at the Native American Health Center’s School Based Health Center this August.

This is my sixth summer with Northampton Parks & Rec and I have spent many summers with Safety Village, from being a Counselor in Training to a Recreation Leader. I am very passionate about this program, it keeps me coming back summer after summer. 

When I am not at camp, you will most likely find me hanging out with friends downtown, reading in my backyard, or lifeguarding at JFK pool just down the road!

 What are you looking forward to as the Safety Village Director?

I am excited to continue fostering the magic of Safety Village! Our community leaders truly make the camp fun and memorable. I am also so excited to continue working with such an amazing staff! I have formed some great friendships through Safety Village and am eager to welcome new and returning counselors.

What do you enjoy most about working with children?

I enjoy seeing all of their personalities shine! I love being able to get to know their unique likes and dislikes and trying to make sure they can have the best camp day.

What is your favorite Safety Village activity? 

My favorite camp activity is parachute! There are lots of games we play with the parachute, but one of favorites would have to be fruit salad. We have each camper grab a side of the parachute and tell them to shake as hard as they can. One by one, our recreation leaders will throw fake fruits and veggies into the middle. The goal is to shake the parachute until all of the food has gotten into the hole in the middle, with a big fruit salad underneath!