Oak Street

What should the future of the City's Oak Street site be?  We began this conversation on May 12, 2015 with a public tour and community workshop.  The word cloud below reflects the comments we heard from 33 participants at the workshop.

This input will help the city as we do our due diligence in the fall 2015 and eventually come back to the community.

The image below the word cloud was from a 1992 community brainstorming.  That image is included simply to show past thinking and provide an overview of the site. 

In 2018-2020 we cleaned the site, removing junk cars and other debris, commitments that we made in 2015.

We are restarting the conversation in 2021, doing a more detailed assessment of the possibilities on the site. After we complete our basic due diligence, we will come back to the community to explore options.

wordle 5.png
Oak Street 1992 entire site.jpg