Northampton Housing Authority


  • Jeffrey Jones, Chair
    Term ending March 2020
  • James Brooks, Governor's Appointee
    Term ending March 2019                                  Email:
  • Marilyn Richards, Member
    Term ending June 2023                                    Email:
  • Jerry Budgar, Member
    Term ending March 2021
  • Emily Laufer, Tenant Representative                Term ending June 2023                                    Email:

About the Housing Authority

The Northampton Housing Authority (NHA) is a quasi-public agency maintaining public housing at the McDonald House, Forsander and Cahill Apartments, Tobin Manor, Salvo House, and Hampshire and Florence Heights. The NHA also administers a Housing Choice Voucher program (Section Eight) and works with the Veterans Administration to administer VASH vouchers.

Massachusetts General Laws

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 121B, Section Five:

Every housing and redevelopment authority shall be managed, controlled and governed by five members, appointed or elected as provided in this section, of whom three shall constitute a quorum. In a city, four members of a housing or redevelopment authority shall be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the city council. The fifth commissioner is appointed by the governor.