Rolling the mouse wheel will zoom in on wherever the pointer is.

The 4-square button at the top lets you choose a background basemap.
Some backgrounds will disappear if you zoom in past a certain point.

The stacked layers button lets you turn layers and sub-layers on and off.
Click on the name of a group to open up its layer choices.

There can be many sub layers and even sub-sub layers initially turned off.
Layers also turn on and off depending on the current zoom scale.

When searching for an address add the local zip code. It's searching the entire world.

The Topographic basemap is good for areas outside of Northampton.

Layers and layer groups have a drop-down box with a Description choice..
These descriptions are called Metadata and are being built up over time.

Closing and reopening the map will return it to its default settings.
Experimenting can't break it.

-- AK