Prep for Consulting

What You Will Need to Provide

  • Website Statistics- Gather statistics from your current website from the past 12 months.
    • Top 100 pages most visited by website visitors
    • Top 25 documents most downloaded by website visitors
  • Photos - Collect pictures to be used in the overall design of the website. Photos, logos, seals, and branding guides can be loaded onto Your CivicPlus project manager will provide you with login information.
  • List of Departments - Compile a list of all divisions and/or departments within your organization.
  • Applications - Submit a list of third-party and in-house developed applications presently being utilized on your website.
  • Site Map - Pull a site map or outline of your current website’s navigational structure. This gives a clear overview of the existing information on the website, including the number and location of pages.

Tasks You Will Need to Complete

Give Us Your Opinion

The forms listed below need to be completed prior to your consulting so that we may provide you with the best consulting experience possible.

  • Department / Division Form - This form will be filled out by each department or division. If the department / division filled out the call logs provided during the Project Kickoff; they need to have those available to upload electronically in this form. Each department / division should have an understanding of what services they provide, who they provide those services to, how they are currently communicating information most often, and what they would like in their future / dislike about their current web presence.
  • Functionality and Design Form - This form will be filled out by your project web team. Prior to starting this form, please research other websites that you like based on functionality and design elements. Be prepared to provide those URLs and specifics about what you like. This form also asks for details on slogans / taglines, seals / logos, and your branding.
  • Training Information Form for Departments - This form will be filled out by your project web team to help us understand the pain points you encounter in your job. We will call out ways to address your pain points during your training sessions.
  • Web Team Form - This form will be filled out by your project web team. Prior to starting this form, please have an understanding of your project goals, focus, and expectations. This allows your CivicPlus Project Team to develop a site specific to your needs and lays the foundation for developing a highly functional information architecture.

If at any point you have questions about any of these forms please contact your CivicPlus project manager. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this key information.