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City of Northampton, Massachusetts
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Participant Application for Senior Property Tax Work Off Program - January 1, 2017 - October 31, 2017

  1. Are you at leaset 60 years of age?

  2. Are you a Northampton homeowner or the current spouse of a Northampton homeowner?

  3. Are you a Veteran?

  4. Is your Northampton home your primary residence?

  5. Do you own any other properties in MA or any other state?

  6. Do you own and occupy the property for which you are seeking a credit?

  7. Are you a current City of Northampton employee?

  8. Please check off areas of proficiency:

  9. Please check off comfort levels:

  10. Do you prefer to work outdoors if a position were available?

  11. Do you drive?

  12. Do you have transportation to a work site?

  13. Please type your full name and today's date.

  14. Disposition of Application

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