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Posted on: March 19, 2021

Avoid Being Made an "Inactive" Voter by Completing the Annual Street Listing

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City Clerk Reminds residents about Annual Street Listing 


For Immediate release – March 19, 2021


NORTHAMPTON – The Annual Street Listing has been mailed to Northampton households and City Clerk Pamela L. Powers reminds residents that this requires a response from households to avoid becoming an “inactive” voter at the polls.   Each year residents are asked to confirm the accuracy of the information on the form.  “Please look carefully at your household data”, Powers advises, “because we have been alerted that Ward/Precinct and Household Address information may have been populated incorrectly on some forms.  Powers is requesting that residents correct any inaccurate information on the form, and to call or e-mail the City Clerk’s office with questions.   Powers also notes that the asterisk in the voter column may also be missing but says that “A” or “I” in the Voter column means that the individual is registered to vote as either active or inactive.  

 The process of creating a street list involves compiling data from a database and forwarding it to a vendor who populates the fields on the form.  The Clerk’s Office confirmed that the data taken from the database was accurate when transmitted to the printer; however the vendor may have populated the field for ward/precinct and household address inaccurately.  “If residents don’t notice the error before returning the record, the Clerk’s Office will already have these two fields accurately reflected in the database”, Powers assures.

"The information most vital to keeping an accurate street list are name, date of birth, occupation and whether a person has moved or is deceased (indicated by M/D on the form),” Powers explained.  “From the resident information we create voter lists, and a list of jury candidates.  The data is also used to prove residency in order to complete a Certificate of Residency letter or Proof of Voter Registration certificate; or for veterans of war who have earned a welcome home bonus.” 

Residents must contact the clerk’s office to change their political party affiliation. 

If you have questions, Powers urges you to call the clerk’s office at 413-587-1089 or e-mail to


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