Florence Recreation Fields

The Florence Recreation Fields are located along Meadow Street and Spring Street in Florence, Massachusetts. The master plan includes 5 multipurpose playing fields, two baseball fields, concessions, bathrooms, a playground and a pavilion.

The address for the baseball fields parking lot is 157 Spring St., Florence, Massachusetts. The address for the multipurpose soccer field parking lot is 145 Meadow Street, Florence, Massachusetts.

  • The beginning of the project included the installation of a multipurpose path along Meadow Street
  • Park of the project was funded in part by a $500,000 State Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) PARC Grant money, $1.4 million in Northampton Community Preservation Act money, as well as fundraising.
  • The 90' Baseball and 50/70 baseball fields have been opened for use since Spring 2015.
  • Some of the multipurpose soccer fields opened in Spring 2016.
  • We have installed Phase 1 of a Tree House playground, which is partially funded by the Governor's "Our Common Backyards" grant, CPA funds, as well as by fundraising.

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The first fundraisers were the Gush Valenta Memorial Girls and Women in Sports 5K . It included a fun run and walk. It was a great success, with over $10,000 raised!

There is a Friends of Northampton Parks & Recreation group formed, and the first capital campaign is to raise money for the playground, pavilion and other amenities at the new fields. If you are interested, please contact Recreation Director Ann-Marie Moggio.

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