Permits & Regulations

Application & Fee Changes Effective Friday, April 3, 2020

As part of the city’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there are new standards that need to be met before Public Works can issue any permits.

Policies & Procedures during State of Emergency

Northampton’s Board of Health has implemented the following policies and procedures for all construction sites and construction workers in Northampton:

Fees during State of Emergency

All fee schedules for permits shall be modified for the duration of the Board of Health’s declaration of state of emergency to be 1.5 times the existing fee plus the cost of any protective equipment provided by the city to its inspectors and used during an inspection of the project.

Permit & Fee Submission during State of Emergency

All permit applications must be submitted electronically to  All payments must be made by check through the mail or brought to a new lock box at 125 Locust Street.

Permit Review & Approval during State of Emergency

Permit applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please expect delays during the State of Emergency.

Contact Information during State of Emergency

All inquiries regarding permits can be made to 413-587-1570 x4303 or

Applications & Policies

The following permits & regulations are managed by Public Works.  Please note that not all permits are available during the State of Emergency.  If you are interested in an application that is not downloadable or listed below, please contact Public Works at



  • Blocking Permit


Fine Art - suspended until further notice

Newspaper Box

Oversized Vehicle

  • Oversized Vehicles

Public Shade Tree

Sewer Entry

Sidewalk Blocking

  • Sidewalk Blocking

Sidewalk Occupancy

Stormwater Entry

Stormwater Management Permit

Street Musician - suspended until further notice

Street Performance - suspended until further notice

Tables and Chairs - suspended until further notice


Water Entry

Construction Process Flowchart

Construction Process Flowchart