Group Health Insurance Information

Insurance Coverage Update

September 23, 2013 - The City is moving health insurance coverage for current employees and retirees to the MA Group Insurance Commission (GIC) beginning January 1, 2014.

Packets will be distributed to employees with their checks on September 26 and to retirees by mail the last week of September outlining:
  • The plans available under the GIC
  • The process for open enrollment October 7 to October 23
  • The schedule of meetings/info sessions to be held and their locations
  • The documentation needed to complete the open enrollment
  • The list of plan premiums
  • A GIC Benefit Decision Guide
  • The hotline phone number and GIC contact information
More info will be posted as it becomes available.

City Employees

The city continues to reimburse the inpatient and outpatient co-pays. If you are enrolled in the City of Northampton's group health insurance (HMO or PPO), and you have services that are subject to these co-pays, you can request reimbursement by bringing the appropriate paperwork to the Human Resources office. You will receive an E.O.B. (Explanation of Benefits) from Health New England. Bring that EOB to the Human Resources Department to request your reimbursement.

As always, Human Resources staff are here if you need help. Call 413-587-1258 with your questions, and we will get answers for you as soon as we can.


Under no circumstances will a reimbursement be paid without the proper documentation and no reimbursement is owed on claims 12 months old and older.

Please note that you do not have to pay the bill to the provider before requesting the reimbursement. The city will process the request based on the EOB. All reimbursements go to the subscriber (employee / retiree) regardless of who incurs the co-pay.