Transaction Checklists & Forms



  • A Worker's Compensation Insurance Affidavit (PDF) is required to be filed upon the issuance of each new or renewed license.
  • As of November 19, 2017, the ABCC stopped accepting paper checks as payment for applications. Payments must be made online by using either a personal or business check (ACH). Credit cards are not currently accepted. Please use the ABCC Online Payments Page to make online payments. Once your payment is complete, print the confirmation receipt and include the receipt with your application to the License Commission.
  • All forms for any liquor license transactions can be found at on the ABCC website

New Local License Commission Requirement

The Northampton License Commission, when issuing a new, current, or renewal of License will require certification of compliance with wage and hour laws. Each licensee must certify that they are not subject to a federal or state criminal or civil judgment, administrative citation or final administrative determination resulting from a violation of M.G.L. c149, c150, or the Fair Labor Standard Act. Any licensee who does not certify to the above may be required by the Northampton License Commission to provide a wage bond or insurance prior to issuance of said license.

Access a copy of the Fair Wage Compliance Certificate (PDF)

New ABCC Requirement

In order to confirm that all licensees and applicants are in compliance with Massachusetts tax laws, a Certificate of Good Standing (“COGS”) from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue will be required for the following transactions submitted to the local licensing authority beginning March 1, 2018:

  • Transfer of License (certificate must be in the current/seller licensee name)
  • Change in Beneficial Interest
  • Pledge of License
  • Change of License Class (Seasonal, Annual)
  • Change in License Category (Wines and Malts, All Alcohol, etc.)
  • Change of Entity Name (certificate must be in the current corporate name)
  • Change of Corporate Structure (certificate must be in the current corporate structure)
  • Addition of a Management Agreement
  • PLEASE NOTE: a new licensee does not require a COGS

An applicant can obtain a COGS by visiting the Department of Revenue’s website.