Transportation & Parking Commission


There shall be a transportation and parking commission consisting of eleven members as follows:

director of public works, or his/her designee; director of planning and sustainability, or his/her designee; police chief, or his/her designee; director of central services or his/her designee; a member of the planning board, selected biannually by the planning board; two elected officials and four members of the public. The city's traffic engineer and parking clerk shall serve as advisors to the commission.

Authorities and Responsibilities

The transportation and parking commission advises the mayor and city council on the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of its multi-modal transportation system for automobiles, bus transit, passenger rail, bicycles, and pedestrians. The commission researches and recommends city policies related to transportation and/or parking. The commission shall review and make recommendations on any ordinance related to transportation and/or parking. The commission shall receive and review input from city residents, businesses, and neighborhoods on issues or concerns related to transportation and/or parking. The commission holds hearings, reviews data, and makes recommendations on applications filed under the city's traffic calming program.

The transportation and parking commission is an advisory multiple-member body of the city.

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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The Transportation & Parking Commission typically meets the third Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm.

Please see the agenda above to confirm the next meeting. 


  • Councilor Ryan R. O'Donnell, Chair

  • David Pomerantz, Director of Central Services

  • Wayne Feiden, Director of Planning and Sustainability

  • Donna LaScaleia, Director of Public Works

  • Ann Brooks
    Term expires June, 2017 

  • Jody Kasper, Chief of Police

    Advisors: Nanci Forrestall, Parking Clerk
    Maggie Chan, Traffic Engineer

  • Councilor Gina-Louise Sciarra, Vice-Chair

  • Gary Hartwell
    Term expires June, 2018
  • Richard Cooper
    Term expires June, 2018

  • Jami Albro-Fisher
    Term expires June, 2017
  • Christa Grenat
    Term expires June, 2018

About the Commission

The Transportation and Parking Commission (TPC) was established by City Ordinance in 2002 and revised in 2014 with the adoption of the Administrative Code. The Commission works to create clear and consistent transportation policies, review all proposed traffic and parking-related ordinances, hear and address citizen concerns, and promote a safe, efficient, and sustainable multi-modal transportation system for the City of Northampton. For additional information, see Planning & Sustainability Sustainable Transportation web page.


Current Issues


Projects underway can be found on the Engineer webpage, presentations are also available for viewing as well.