Northampton Fire Rescue

Mission Statement

Through professionalism, dedication, integrity and training Northampton Fire Rescue works to safeguard the lives and property and to enhance the quality of life of the people of Northampton. This will be accomplished by providing a vast range of emergency services, strong public relations and fire safety education. We also endeavor to protect and preserve the health of our membership and return our personnel safely to their families.

  1. August 2020 Incident Statistics

    August 2020 Incident Statistics Fires: 7 Rescue & Emergency Medical Service: 411 Hazardous Condition (No Fire): 37 Service Call: 20 Good Intent Call: 32 False Alarm & False Call: 78 Other: 9 Total: 594 Year to date: 4374
  2. July 2020 Incident Statistics

    July 2020 Incident Statistics Fires: 6 Rescue & Emergency Medical Service: 373 Hazardous Condition (No Fire): 20 Service Call: 27 Good Intent Call: 26 False Alarm & False Call: 86 Other: 22 Total: 560 Year to date: 3780
  3. June 2020 Incident Statistics

    June 2020 Incident Statistics Fires: 11 Rescue & Emergency Medical Service: 418 Hazardous Condition (No Fire): 19 Service Call: 24 Good Intent Call: 34 False Alarm & False Call: 69 Other: 3 Total: 578 Year to date: 3220
  4. Edwards Recalls Heat Detectors

    Please follow this link for information about the Edwards Heat Detector recall. Please ensure none of these detectors are present in your home.
  5. Update Regarding Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspections

    As of Monday, June 22nd, we will resume inspections for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors (26F and 26F 1/2). These inspections are required prior to the sale of real estate. Read on...
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