Northampton Fire Rescue

Mission Statement:  Through professionalism, dedication, integrity and training Northampton Fire Rescue works to safeguard the lives and property and to enhance the quality of life of the people of Northampton. This will be accomplished by providing a vast range of emergency services, strong public relations and fire safety education. We also endeavor to protect and preserve the health of our membership and return our personnel safely to their families.
  1. January and February 2017 Incident Statistics

    January 2017 Incident Statistics Fires: 1 EMS: 434 Service Call: 13 Good Intent Call: 26 False Alarm: 59 Other: 17 Total: 550 February 2017 Incident Statistics Fires: 4 EMS: 418 Service Call: 15 Good Intent Call: 18 False Alarm: 53 Other: 25 Total: 533
  2. 2106 Year End Incident Statistics

    2016 Year End Incident Statistics: Fires: 89 Rescue/EMS: 5245 Service Call: 241 Hazardous Condition (No Fire): 239 Good Intent Call: 368 False Alarm: 814 Sever Weather: 7 Other: 30 Total: 7033
  3. December 2016 Incident Statistics

    December 2016 Incident Statistics: Fires: 4 Rescue/EMS: 432 Service Call: 21 Good Intent Call: 28 False Alarm: 81 Other: 15 Total: 581 Year to date: 7027
  4. Smoke Detector Replacement Program

    We have teamed up with the American Red Cross to install smoke detectors for eligible homeowners. To be eligible, your home must be build prior to 1975 and your smoke detectors must be 10 years or older. Read on...
  5. October and November Incident Stats

    October and November Incident Stats Read on...
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