Energy Concierge

Step-By-Step Guidance from Devoted Experts
Northampton Leading the Way energy concierges are trained experts there to provide expedited and individualized assistance in identifying and navigating programs to suit your unique circumstances. 


At no cost to you, our concierge experts will provide the following services.
  • Provide education and advice on energy rebates, incentives, and available financing options
  • Work with tenants, property owners and property managers to address energy loss building-wide and within individual businesses
  • Help map out a plan of action to implement energy improvements on a timetable that fits the needs and abilities of your business
  • Answer questions about potential energy improvements, work scope, costs and cost effectiveness
  • Be there every step of the way to help you navigate the world of energy audits and available financing and efficiency incentive programs
Setting a Visit
To obtain a energy concierge visit please contact our commercial personnel, Jenn Parsons.