Residential Buildings

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency
In September 2011, the city, in partnership with the Center for EcoTechnology (CET), launched a small pilot Northampton Leading the Way residential program aimed to help Northampton residents improve the comfort of their homes while reducing energy bills. Through this program, the city and CET are providing Northampton residents the services of an energy concierge, a trained expert to provide step-by-step guidance on how to capture savings from home energy improvements. 

Energy Saving Guides
One step toward reducing heat loss that is proving to be popular in the community is CET's guidance on Alternatives to Replacing Your Windows - Making Interior Storm Windows.
  • Gazette news article
  • NCTV: Alternatives to Replacing Your Windows Part One: An Introduction
Additional Assistance
If hands-on isn't for you or you wish to go further in stopping the heat loss, money and experts are available to help out. Any Northampton resident will be assisted if they ask.