Municipal Buildings

The city of Northampton has recently completed a $6.5 million capital improvement project that will reduce overall annual municipal energy use by more than 20% and is being paid for through energy savings and not taxpayer dollars. The city has upgrading nearly all municipal buildings, all elementary, middle and high school buildings, Lilly and Forbes libraries, and the Academy of Music. 

Successful Efforts
Review successes the city has made through this project.
  • Reduced annual greenhouse gas emissions by 3,300,000 lbs CO2
  • Improved comfort for city and school employees, students and patrons
  • Increased the value of Northampton’s municipal and school building stock
  • Kept more money in the local economy, as an alternative to paying for imported energy
Funds Utilized
Instead of using taxpayer dollars, the city used over $450,000 in utility rebates, $150,000 in federal stimulus funds and redirected the energy savings of nearly $500,000 a year less in electric, gas, oil, propane and water bills, to pay for the financing needed to install several items.
  • Added insulation
  • Expanded and improved energy management controls
  • High-efficiency boilers
  • High-efficiency exhaust fans, motors, and other equipment upgrades
  • Low-flow water fixtures
  • New windows
  • Process upgrades at the waste water treatment plant
  • Upgraded lighting and lighting controls
  • Solar hot water systems
In short, by shifting capital from paying energy bills to paying for building improvements the city is doing its part to Lead the Way toward a healthier more sustainable future.