Commercial Buildings

Efficiency Made Easy
Northampton Leading the Way's Energy Concierges are removing the guesswork and helping Northampton small commercial operations and commercial property owners obtain appropriate energy assessments, receive all rebates and tax incentives, and identify the best financing options to maximize energy savings and energy-related building improvements. 

The City of Northampton, National Grid, Columbia Gas, and the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) has formed an innovative partnership designed to make it easy for small businesses and property owners take advantage of available energy efficiency improvement programs. 

Building Improvements
To provide expedited and individualized assistance in identifying and navigating programs to suit your unique circumstances.

Business Benefits
  • Increased customer comfort
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Greener business
  • Secured utility rebates
  • Financing that fits your situation
  • Expenditures shifted from energy to building improvements
Getting Started
To begin your energy saving methods, please contact our Commercial Building Personnel Jenn Parsons.