Solarize Northampton

Solarize Northampton Participation Outshines Expectations

Northampton residents and businesses have now signed up to install over 550 kilowatts (kW) or half-a-megawatt of solar-electric power through the Solarize Northampton program. If we add this to the half-a-megawatt already installed over the last decade, Northampton is soon to have a megawatt of installed solar power on the roofs of homeowners and small businesses. Northampton has long sense surpassed the 200 kW needed to reach the program's lowest price. Now, with the lowest program price locked in, Northampton is on its way to outshining all program expectations.

Solarize Prices Drop to Lowest Level

It took Northampton less than two months to jump from the tier one price (highest price) to tier four (second-lowest price). The community has now more than doubled the amount of contracted solar we needed to reach the lowest tier 5 price and is still going strong. With over 85 participants having contracted for over 550 kilowatts of new solar-electric systems the community is outshining all expectations. With the program extended to run through October 30, there is still time to join your neighbors in securing record low prices for your own solar-electric system. Enough people have signed up to lock in the lowest Solarize Northampton price for everyone in the program.

Solarize Northampton is a partnership between the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the Department of Energy Resources Green Communities Division, local officials and community volunteers. The program encourages the adoption of small scale solar projects through an educational campaign and a group purchasing model.

Survey Results

The results of our recent survey to gauge public support for a Solarize program in Northampton were phenomenal. In a little under three weeks nearly 700 Northampton residents responded to this survey and a whopping 98% of respondents indicated that they were interested in installing a PV system and/or wanted to help promote the program. Our Solarize Team thanks Northampton for this support.

Join Solarize Northampton

To join a list of your neighbors interested in the program you may visit the Solarize Northampton website. For more information, email Susan Lantz, Northampton's Solar Coach.