Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

John Krifka

Q: What medium(s) do you use for your art? 
A: I do painting primarily in oil, on stretched canvas, linen or panel. I also produce giclee prints from particular images of my paintings. Since I choose these to be entirely new and separate works on paper, I will purposefully filter the images digitally to reflect each being a distinctly new graphical representation. Sometimes the paper print is again painted over for yet another different image. 

Q: What is your background?
A: I grew up in New Jersey, attended college in upstate New York and graduated in 1972 with a professional architecture degree. Shortly thereafter I moved to NYC, worked in my profession and also attended the Art Students League evenings for three years, 1976-1979. 

Q: How long have you been doing this type of art?
A: Most all my work is representational, usually still life and landscapes. I started painting in the late 1960’s and have seriously continued my oil painting up through the present. The printmaking started in the early 2000’s. 

Q: What inspires you and how do you get started?
A: I’ll arrange a composition, either with a sketch book idea first, or setting out and moving the actual objects to make positive and negative space. That part of it always depends on the abstraction of forms pushing towards an interesting balance that will define the whole. Then usually, I’ll start painting with the brush immediately on the canvas, filling it all immediately, wiping the paint away for shading and tone, sometimes adding color first or color later. What I paint has always been common things (flowers, fruit, vessels). Depending on my mood and choice they may become either somewhat exacting representations or more loosely figured. Often the initial flourish of paint activity and brushwork will determine how I want to form the final pictured image. 

Q: Is there anything else you would like people who view your art to know?
A: I do feel a lot of what I’ve done has come from the way I draw. I like to think it’s a lyrical, easy and expression of my distinct humor, linework and composition.

Q: Is any of your art for sale?
A: It’s all for sale of course. Although I’m not the greatest marketer, people should let me know what if anything they like or might want to purchase. I’ve been posting the last 6 months on Instagram (@jkrfikaart) and I could be reached by commenting at that site. Also, my artist website is That illustrates lots of recent and older art, has a contact tab to reach me, and also a resume tab. 

Artist of the Month - John Krifka

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