Each year, the city of Northampton receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In accordance with HUD regulations, CDBG funds must be awarded primarily to projects, programs, and services that improve the lives of the city’s low- and moderate income residents (defined as individuals or families whose annual income does not exceed 80% of the Area Median Income as determined by HUD). A CDBG-funded activity must also meet at least one of the following CDBG program goals:

Access to CDBG Funds

In order to access CDBG funds, the city is required to submit an Annual Action Plan to HUD which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • A citizen participation plan
  • A description of local service providers
  • City departments consulted for the plan
  • Identification of the city’s priority housing, economic, and community needs
  • A list of activities (the plan) to address the identified needs

Housing Rehabilitation Assistance 

The City of Northampton has funding from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, through its Community Development Block Grant Program, to assist qualified owner-occupants throughout the City in making necessary repairs to their homes to eliminate building code violations, eliminate unsafe or unhealthy conditions, undertake accessibility modifications, improve weatherization, or undertake other necessary repairs to improve the quality of living conditions. 

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission will be assisting the City with the administration of this Housing Rehabilitation Program.  If interested in applying, please contact: PVPC Housing Coordinator Shirley Stephens at (413) 781-6045 for a pre-application form to establish your interest. If determined to be eligible, you will be placed on a list for assistance.  Assistance will be on a “first come first serve” basis to fully qualified applicants. If needed, a wait list will be established.

For general questions, contact:Director of Planning & Sustainability at WFeiden@NorthamptonMA.gov

Five Year Consolidation Plan

Additionally, every five years the city must submit a Five Year Consolidated Plan to HUD. The Consolidated Plan includes a housing and homelessness needs assessment, a housing market analysis, and a strategic plan whereby the city identifies its priority needs and how they will be addressed by CDBG funds over a five-year period. Activities undertaken in an Annual Action Plan must address the priority needs identified in the Five Year Consolidated Plan (PDF).

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing (2012) (PDF)

Affordable Housing Contact List (2018) (PDF)

CDBG Dollars at Work

  1. 2019-2018
  2. 2018-2017
  3. 2017-2016
  4. 2016-2015
  5. 2015-2014
  6. 2014-2013


Down payment/closing  cost assistance/counseling                                                                        $32,000

Housing Rehab Program - 4 units completed; 6 in process                                                            $150,209

Glendale Rd Site Clearance                                                                                                            $135,000

Total:                                                                                                                                               $317,209

Economic Development 

Micro Business Technical Assistance                                                                                               $10,000

Total:                                                                                                                                                $10,000

Public Services

13 agencies providing legal services, emergency food bank, emergency shelter, literacy, outreach and advocacy for Latinos, youth services and SRO support


Total:                                                                                                                                                $102,750

Planning and Administration 

Community and economic development planning activities and administration of the CDBG program


Total:                                                                                                                                               $135,417
CDBG Overall Total                                                                                                                       $565,376