Climate Resilience & Regeneration

Northampton is working to create an an aggressive climate adaptation framework.  This work consists of four phases:

1.  Create a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), in cooperation with other Pioneer Valley communities to become the default electric power supplier for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Amherst-Pelham-Northampton CCA Task Force (report here) recommended a joint CCA. As part of our due diligence, and with funding from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, we explored what the next generation of CCAs can look like (CCA 3.0) to move beyond other models and optimize for aggressive greenhouse gas emission reductions. That final report (2/24/2020) is at Community Choice Aggregation 3.0. The final slideshow (2/24/2020) is at CCA 3.0 webinar.

2. Build a comprehensive climate framework, Northampton’s Climate Resilience & Regeneration Plan in 2020 (draft plan available here).

3. Merge and update the Municipal Vulnerability plan and the Hazard Mitigation Plan to better prepare for big storm events and other weather changes made worse by climate change. Project underway and to be completed in late 2020.

4. Update the Sustainable Northampton Comprehensive Plan, using resilience and regeneration framework in 2022.

5. Keep our Municipal Vulnerability Program action plan up to date to guide state municipal vulnerability funded projects.

Past reports include:
AIA Sustainable Design Assessment Team: SDAT 9.30.2015 presentation (PDF)
AIA SDAT Northampton Climate Adaptation and Mitigation report (PDF)