Agricultural Commission


  • John Omasta, Chair
    Term to: June. 2018
  • Richard Jaescke, Vice-Chair
    Term to: Sept. 2018
  • John Bobala
    Term to: June 2018
  • Robert Vollinger 
    Term to: Sept. 2018
  • Tim Smith
    Term to: June 2017
  • Earle (Chip) Parsons
    Term to: June, 2018
  • Stan Zawalick
    Term to: January 2016
About the Commission
The Agriculture Commission is a member of the Massachusetts Association of Agriculture Commissions and the Massachusetts Farm Bureau. The Agricultural Commission serves as:
  • Facilitators for the pursuit of agriculture in Northampton
  • Promoters of agriculture-based economic opportunities in the city
  • Mediators, advocates, educators, and / or negotiators on farming issues
  • Preservation advocates for prime agricultural lands
  • Researchers of initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community
Additional Information