Open Space, Recreation, & MultiUse Trail Plan

We need YOU to help us create a plan for how we grow and manage our open space, our recreation, and our multiuse trails.

1. Visit our interactive site to let us know what open space, recreation and trails you need and what you think we need

2. Email with any other comments.

The Open Space, Recreation, and MultiUse Trail Plan (2011-2018) is the city's blueprint for all land acquisition, capital investment, and management strategies.

The City is in the process of revising that plan for the next seven years.  We are collecting input in several ways:

First, we are meeting with all of the boards involved in open space, recreation, and MultiUse Trails, the Conservation Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Transportation and Parking Commission, Agriculture Commission, Disabilities Commission, Youth Commission, and City Council.

Second, we held a rolling public workshop along the city's multiuse trails (bicycle paths) on Saturday September 16, 2017 to collect public input on where additional or improved access to the trails is needed.

Third, held a public workshop for input on Tuesday September 26, 2017 in the City Hall.

Fourth, we set the Wiki Mapping site for interactive online citizen input mentioned above.

Finally, we will hold one final public workshop late in 2017 when we have a draft plan for final public participation.