Hazardous Waste

Northampton’s 2020 Hazardous Household Waste Collection has been postponed until further notice.

Once a date has been identified it will be posted on this page and on the events calendar.

Hazardous Household Waste Disposal

An annual collection event is held for Florence, Leeds and Northampton residents in mid May for normal types of household waste (PDF). Pre-registration is required, and arrangements may be made for small business participation.  

Important details to review before registering for the event:

  • Water-based paints (e.g. latex paint) are not accepted at this event. Water-based paint disposal information (PDF)
  • The City of Northampton will cover the disposal cost of up to 25 gallons or pounds of material for City households. Residential participants will be required to pay the disposal fee for any material above that amount. The fee is quantity-based, but in many cases it will be between $20-$50. Cost estimation is not as simple as weighing the material. If you have a large quantity of material and would like a better understanding of your cost sharing portion, please call 413-587-1059.
  • Northampton small businesses and institutions may participate in this collection for a fee. Contact Susan Waite for details.
  • Some items are collected year-round at the one of two City transfer stations. City transfer station permit holders may drop off compact fluorescent bulbs, automotive, rechargeable, NiCad, and button batteries, and unmixed automotive oil and gasoline at the Locust Street transfer station anytime during normal operating hours (PDF).
  • Year-round collection programs exist for needles and lancets and unwanted medication. They are not collected during the May event.

Other Alternatives

If you are unable to make the May collection date, Northampton residents willing to pay the full disposal cost of their material may participate in collection events held in specific neighboring communities (pdf). There is also a year-round, drop-off handling facility in Westfield, MA, which also offers a pick-up service for many forms of hazardous waste.

Hazardous Household Waste Spray Bottles