Recycling of paper, cardboard (PDF) and non-toxic household containers (PDF) (bottles, tubs, jars, cans, cartons and jugs) is required in Northampton. Detailed information (PDF) to help you sort trash and recyclables efficiently is available on the Springfield Materials Recycling Facility's (MRF) website.

The purchase of a Transfer Station permit allows residents to bring their own household recycling and trash to the Locust Street Transfer Station and grants access to other free recycling services, including automotive and vegetable oil, bulky rigid plastic, and scrap metal recycling. A food and paper waste composting service is also included free of charge.

If you contract with a private residential waste hauler for trash pickup, curbside recycling of only household containers and paper is included in their service package. Several private haulers offer curbside food compost pick-up as well.

Please note that bulky rigid plastic recycling requirements changed in 2017. Disposal fees now apply for some plastic items (PDF) formerly considered recyclable.

Recycling and Reuse Directories

There are a number of local and state directories to help you find ways to make sure durable household items are reused or recycled. Who Takes What is a directory with options within the greater Northampton area, and the locally produced 2018-2019 Reduce Reuse Recycle guide offers a detailed "What do I do with" listing (see page 13). The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection offers Donation & Reuse options and a Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory (both of which tend to be Eastern Mass oriented).

Hours and fees (PDF) for City of Northampton Transfer Stations

In the event of inclement weather, all City Transfer Stations follow the City closure schedule.

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Don't Toss Textiles!

Massachusetts residents discard over 200 thousand tons of textiles (clothing & accessories, bedding, etc.) annually, but most of that can be reused or recycled. Clean, dry and odorless textiles--even if worn or torn--are now welcomed at select clothing donation sites. To learn about local sites that welcome all textile donations, Email us after reviewing the Fact Sheet (PDF) and List of Acceptable Items (PDF)For additional details, visit the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's Textile Recovery webpage.

Free Recycling Assistance for Small Businesses

Recycling Works is a Commonwealth of Massachusetts funded recycling assistance program that helps businesses and institutions maximize recycling, reuse, and composting opportunities. They offer a Find a Recycler database to locate processors and haulers, and a hotline to speak to in-house experts. Visit their website, call (888) 254-5525. or email for more information.