Public Works is responsible for the city's stormwater system which includes stormwater pipes, catch basins and intakes, outfalls, culverts, and drainage ditches and channels along roadways. Each year public works staff clean out catch basins and repair and maintain the drainage system as necessary to keep the system functioning safely and to reduce flooding.

Northampton has a separate stormwater system that collects rainwater and snowmelt from the streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings and carries this water directly to brooks, wetlands, rivers, and other water bodies throughout the city. Unlike the (completely separate) wastewater system, the water collected in street drains is not treated at our treatment plant before flowing to these natural water bodies.

Since 2003, a Stormwater Management Plan has been implemented in compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Stormwater Phase II MS4 General Permit. For more information about the EPA Stormwater General Permit, visit the EPA page.

Learn more about Northampton's stormwater system and what you can do to help clean up stormwater: Northampton Stormwater Factsheet  (PDF) (12/06/13)

Stormwater Management Permits

Construction projects that disturb over 1 acre are required to apply for a Stormwater Management Permit and meet the requirements as defined by Chapter 281 of the City of Northampton Code of Ordinances. For more information click the link below.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Chapter 278 of the City of Northampton Code of Ordinances defines and regulates illlicit connections and discharges of pollutants into Northampton's storm drain system in order to protect natural water bodies and safeguard public health, safety, welfare and the environment. For more information click the link below.

Additional Information

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