Water, Sewer and Stormwater Bills

These utility bills will be mailed out quarterly. The city bills are divided into six (6) sections.  To learn what section your account will bill in please use the guide below.  We will post an updated notice of what section is being billed throughout each fiscal year.

Please inform the DPW of change of home ownership or address in order to insure proper, timely receipt of your water and sewer bills. We can be reached at dpwinfo@northamptonma.gov or by phone at 413-587-1570. 

SECTIONS: (This portion of the site is under construction.  Thank you for your patience while we add information.  If you would like information on your billing section at this time please call us at 413-5897-1570 or email dpwinfo@northamptonma.gov.
  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Section 3
  • Section 4
  • Section 5 
  • Section 6


       The City of Northampton will be implementing new fixed charges and  tiered volumetric rates for water and sewer customers effective July 1,  2016. We have set up this calculator to allow customers to calculate  their estimated water and sewer bills under the new rate structure using  one of their previous quarterly bills.

Bill Calculator: