LED Streetlights

In May, 2016 the City installed sample LED streetlights of four different brightness levels in downtown. Feedback was received and as a result two additional sample LED streetlights were installed. Mayor Narkewicz issued a press release (PDF) on July 8, 2016 with details on the new samples lights. All feedback was reviewed.

LED Streetlight
LED Streetlight

View the feedback from the first round of sample LED lights...

Based on the community input as detailed in the following report, the city has taken the following steps:

  • The City checked one last time with the contractor that will install the lamps on whether a warmer white LED had recently become available that would be eligible for a utility rebate. The contractor looked into it and responded that none had.
  • Based on community input and the available technology that is eligible for a utility rebate, the city has specified that all LED lights are to be the warm white version.
  • Historically, there have been a handful of residential streets that have had slightly brighter street lights than the majority of residential streets. Based on the community's input and after conferring with the city's Police Department and DPW regarding safety concerns, the city has reduced the specified brightness level for several of these streets to match the majority of the city's residential streets.
  • The City has confirmed that the lighting patterns to the back and the front of the lamps to be installed in the residential areas are designed to drop off fast enough so as not to cause nuisance lighting for residents. This is one of the advantages of the LED lamps over the current high pressure sodium lamps. However, given that 18% of survey respondents specifically mentioned a desire for shielding, the city has confirmed with the installation contractor that they will install, on a case-by-case basis, house-side shields on lamps that are deemed to be a nuisance.

The City is still in the process of evaluating whether it is safe to reduce the brightness and glare levels of the URB2 lamps, the lamps slated to be installed at primary intersections and some crosswalks along downtown/commercial streets.

View a Full Feedback Report (PDF).