Safety Village Director

About our Camp Director:
Amber Michon

Hello! My name is Amber Michon and this is my third summer as the Director of Safety Village! When it is not the summertime, I work at the Hampshire Regional YMCA as a child care provider, and volunteer at Baystate Children’s Hospital. I recently graduated from Springfield College, where I studied Therapeutic Recreation and Child Life with a minor in psychology. It is my hope to someday become a Child Life Specialist and Recreation Therapist, where I will get to provide help and support to children in some of their most difficult times. In my spare time, I love to go to the beach, relax, and spend time with my dog, Ari. I enjoy traveling anywhere and seeing as many new places as possible.

Questions for the Director:

What are you looking forward to as the returning Safety Village Director?

Overall, I am excited to have such a huge part in the planning and implementation of this program. I really believe in all that we do at Safety Village for the kids, whether it be the lasting friendships that will be made or learning important safety concerns and procedures that could really save lives. I am hoping that I can bring new games and crafts to the camp, and maybe even a new speaker.I am really excited to be able to be the Director of this program again this year.

What do you enjoy most about working with children?

 The thing I enjoy most about working with youth is their imagination. Kids will tell the best stories and you can talk to their parent about it later and they will have no idea where it came from. You are also able to do so many different things with kids as they are able to make it their own. We can pretend we are at the circus or the zoo and the kids will really feel like they’re there. It is just amazing to hear and watch what their imagination brings to life and to be a part of that magic.


What is your favorite Safety Village game?

My favorite Safety Village game is one called “lifeguard” that another camp counselor taught us a few years back. This is a game where all of the kids gather in a circle around a parachute, and sit on the ground so that the parachute is covering their legs. There is “sharks” that get to crawl underneath the parachute, and “lifeguards” that stand up outside the circle. The sharks under the parachute crawl around pulling the legs of the campers, while the lifeguards try to run around and save them. This is a game that never gets old as many times as we play it at camp! The kids really get a kick out of being pulled under the parachute and getting to crawl under and try to capture their counselors. It is really fun for everyone.


Amber Michon