Safety Village Director

Amy Thornton

We are so happy to have Amy back again as our amazing Safety Village director!
The summer of 2016 will be Amy's 12th summer at the Safety Village Program and 10th year as the Director. She is a graduate from UMASS, Amherst with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Art Education and recently just completed her Masters in Art Education from UMASS, Amherst. When it isn't summer and Safety Village time, Amy is a full-time art teacher for students in Kindergarten through sixth grade. She loves the summer weather and likes to be outside as much as possible, hiking, reading, snowshoeing, swimming and gardening. She also likes to cook, bake and eat ice cream.

Questions for our director:
What is your favorite thing about being the Safety Village Director?
My favorite thing about being Director of Safety Village is hearing all the stories that the kids come up with and playing games.
What do you enjoy most about working with children?
Kids have such a unique outlook on life and it's refreshing to hear their thoughts and ideas. They are so funny and never really know what is going to come out of their mouths!
What is your favorite Safety Village game?
My favorite game is Safari with parachute games coming in a close second.

amy smile.JPG