Swim Lesson Level Descriptions

Class Descriptions
A variety of swim classes are offered. The classes that is intended to be a guide to parents. If you have more specific questions, feel free to call the Recreation Department, or email recreation@northamptonma.gov.

  • Ages 1-5 with parent, emphasis on  fun, covers a variety of skills and activities with aquatic games and songs.
Pre - Level:              
  • Ages 3-5, a variety of swimming and safety skills covered
Level 1:                    
  • Beginner independence in the water ; Intro to breath control and Front Crawl
Level 2:                    
  • Refine Front Crawl; Intro to Elementary Backstroke and rotary breathing
Level 3:                     
  • Develop Front Crawl and Elementary Backstroke ; Intro to Side Stroke, Breast Stroke, and Back Stroke
Level 4:  
  • Perfect Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Elementary Back Stroke; Refine Side Stroke, Breast Stroke
Level 5:                  
  • Develop Breast Stroke, Side Stroke; Intro to Butterfly and Diving : Build endurance with previous strokes
Level 6:                  
  • Intro to competitive techniques and Strength Training ; Flip Turns & Starts, Diving & Stroke Critique