Lampron Park

Lampron Park is located on Bridge Road, Northampton, in front of the Bridge Street Elementary School.
The City is using $100,000 of the "Our Common Backyards" grant here, as well as $25,000 from the CPA, for a total of
The project includes design, construction of a fence along Bridge Street, the playground equipment, safety surface & drainage, as well as the moving all overhead wires underground and adding some lamp posts.
Most of the project will be done the Fall of 2014.

Questions and comments can be sent to Ann-Marie Moggio, Director of Recreation, by email or 587-1040.

Below are the concepts shown at the September 11 meeting. We have received some feedback to have ages 2-5 elements at
Lampron Park, as well as swings, to complement all the school age play elements that already exist there.

Please note that the funds for Lampron Park allow for swings, and one or two elements. It does not allow for any of the bigger structures you see on some of the idea files below.