Public Transportation (Transit) Committee

The Public Transportation Committee of the Transportation and Parking Commission is in the process of being reformed and redefined.  It should start up again in Spring or Summer 2014.

Sustainable Northampton Comprehensive Plan states:

Northampton’s transportation system must encourage transit.  Transit is more environmentally sound than other motor vehicle modes; it reduces congestion when it replaces single occupancy vehicles, and it provides an alternative for those without access to automobiles

  • Ensure that the needs of bicycle, pedestrian, and other non-motorized vehicles as well as transit services are considered and addressed in the design, construction, and management of every project affecting the transportation system

  • Ensure higher visibility and better information about public transit stops

  • Encourage efficient transit by locating bus stops directly on major transit routes and discouraging turn-offs into private developments (e.g. shopping centers) when such turn-offs increase transit time

  • Continue to work with PVTA and PVPC to consider a centralized public transit or multi-modal facility in Northampton

  • Work with federal and state governments to ensure appropriate funding and levels of service for public transit

  • Incentives for low-impact transportation (e.g., transit, car pooling, cycling, and walking) along with reduced incentives for single-occupancy vehicles (e.g., below-cost employee parking)