Adopt a Trail

We all love our rail trails and mulituse trails.  Northampton's Adopt-a-Trail program embraces the interest and support of private citizens, groups and businesses in assisting the City DPW crews in maintaining Northampton’s rail trails and multiuse trails.

Trail adopters agree to one of four categories:
1. Routing Maintenance (MOST COMMON): Litter cleanup, cutting brush behind guard rails, removing sticks along trail, removing sod growing onto the trail; or
2. Mowing Trail (ONLY FOR THOSE WITH PROPER EQUIPMENT): Grass mowing along shoulders and removal of weeds; or
3. Special Projects: Removal of brush growing in retaining wall below Smith College garage, removal of brush growing in Beaver Brook Bridge, maintenance of trap rock gravel in Leeds, repair of fences and railing, repair of wayfinding signs, maintenance of drainage channels; or retaining walls or bridges, replacement of trap; or
4. Financial sponsorship to fund such work (financial donations are tax deductible to the amount allowed by law). (Adopter = $300 to $499, Gold = $500 to $1,499, Platinum = $1,500 and above.)

We expect that most adopters will be at the Adopter level, but we want to also honor extra ordinary work with a Gold and Platinum level.  Adopters will all be given credit in the table below.

Come join our growing list of volunteers providing labor and sponsors providing financial support.

Where Who  What Level 
Entire trail on west side of railroad tracks Northampton DPW Capital repairs, most mowing (except as noted below), ALL brush hogging  Platinum
Entire trail on west side of railroad tracks Northampton Planning Trail expansions and grants Platinum
Easthampton line to Route 10 AVAILABLE Cut brush behind guard rails  
Route 10 to Earle/Grove Streets Tom Riddell Cut brush behind guard rails Trail adopter
Earle/Grove Streets to Vet's Field access road Smith College Mowing segment Platinum adopter
Vet's Field retaining wall Planning interns
Clear small drainage ditch  
Vet's Field to Pleasant Street-Downtown Northampton Climate Action Group of the Unitarian Society Collect litter Trail adopter
 Vet's Field to Pleasant Street-Downtown  Help Yourself (Felix Lufkin) Mowing thin strip of grass along trail (but brushhogging still DPW) Trail adopter
Pleasant Street to Main Street-  Downtown Northampton Collaborative for Education Services Collect litter  Trail adopter
Vet's Field  to Main Street-Downtown Northampton Northampton Parking  Snow removal and mowing Trail adopter
Main Street to King Street-Downtown Northampton Northampton DPW  Snow removal some mowing Trail adopter
 Main Street to King Street Adam Cohen & Jendi Reiter  Materials and improvements to the trail (especially drainage)  Gold sponsor
Main Street to St. Elizabeth/Bank of America ramp, including Registry of Deeds ramp A to Z Science and Learning Store Remove litter, cut brush behind guard rails, mow edge of trail Platinum adopter
St. Elizabeth/Bank of America ramp to King Street Pedal People & Duane Ranney
Collect litter and cut brush
 Trail adopter
King Street to Jackson Street, including spur to Barrett Street Marsh Carol Varsano
Collect litter and cut brush Trail adopter
Jackson Street ramp to Hatfield Road John McGrath Collect litter Trail adopter
Hatfield Road to Chestnut Esther Ralston Collect litter/cut brush  Trail adopter
Chestnut to Bardwell Suzanne Love Collect litter/cut brush Trail adopter
Bardwell to Look Park GuyTours-Florence & Stan the Fixit Man
Collect litter on trail and adjacent city land (old borrow pit site) Trail adopter
Within Look Park  Look Park Mow, maintain area  Trail adopter
Look Park N. Main exit to Arch Street  Suzanne Starling Collect litter/cut brush Trail adopter
Arch Street to Mulberry Street Leeds Elementary School Collect litter/cut brush  Trail adopter
Mulberry Street to Grove Ave  Leeds Elementary School; Miles Chilson Collect litter/cut brush Trail adopter
Mulberry Street to Grove Ave ramp AVAILABLE Rake trap rock gravel and
clean drainage channels
Grove Ave ramp to Williamsburg town line AVAILABLE Collect litter/cut brush Trail adopter
Williamsburg town line to N. Main 
(Joint Northampton/ Williamsburg)
AVAILABLE Cut brush on trail and
clear drainage channels
 Hospital Hill Spur (Route 66 to Musante Drive)  Betsy Nicoletti and Jeff Good Collect litter/cut brush Trail adopter
Ice Pond Drive to Rocky Hill Cohousing AVAILABLE Cut brush on trail and/or
mow edge of trail
 Entire trail VCA, Inc. Supplies for cleanup along the entire trail Trail sponsor
 Entire trail David Paine Volunteer coordinator Trail adopter
 Entire trail Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways Organize annual cleanups Trail adopter

We do require that our non-licensed volunteers sign a volunteer release before doing any work.

To sign-up or for questions, contact Wayne Feiden at