Famous Americans & Locations

Famous Americans
A number of other famous Americans have lived in or visited Northampton.

Jenny Lind
The famous 19th century singer and actress Jenny Lind gave Northampton its current nickname, Paradise City, when she was in Northampton to perform, calling the city "The Paradise of America."

President Calvin Coolidge
Former president of the United States Calvin Coolidge was a lawyer here and served as Northampton's Mayor before he traveled to the White House.

Sylvia Plath
American poet Sylvia Plath lived here while at Smith College, and recently author Kurt Vonnegut lived here while he taught at the college.

Reverend Jonathon Edwards
Reverend Jonathon Edwards, widely credited with sparking the Great Awakening, preached from Northampton for a number of years. Mr. And Mrs. Andrew Carnegie visited often in the 1800's.

Sylvester Graham
Graham was a creator of the graham cracker, lived here and a local restaurant - Sylvester's - now operates in his former home.

Alexander Graham Bell
Bell was here as a teacher at the Clarke School for the Deaf in the 1870’s. To this day, the school serves deaf and hearing impaired children from around the world from its base in Northampton.

Amelia Earhart
Earhart spent some time in Northampton, too, learning engine mechanics while her sister studied at Smith College. Take a look at some local legends who also made arose from our community.

Smith College
Smith College is one of five large colleges and universities located in the Pioneer Valley region, making education an important part of our culture and economics. Through the Five-College Consortium, students at any of the five colleges may take courses at any of the others. Our public schools enroll about 3,000 students in four elementary schools, the JFK Middle School and the Northampton High School. There is also a Vocational and Agricultural High School which provides students with academic education as well as training in one of 13 fields of vocational study, such as farming, cosmetology, auto-body repair, plumbing, printing technology and forestry.

Additional Highlights
Some other highlights of Northampton include the Community Gardens, where residents can rent garden space and tend flower or vegetable plots, and Look Park, a large recreational park donated to the city, which has a kiddie train, many picnic spots, playing fields, bumper boats and a small water park area. Child's Park, another donated park, on the other hand, is a spot for quiet reflection. The Academy of Music is believed to be the 6th oldest theatre in the United States, and is the oldest municipally owned theatre. Movies are shown there regularly, and stage productions, ballets and operas are often performed there. Northampton has a small airport and there is a regional public transit service that provides bus transportation in Northampton and into other neighboring towns.