Photo Credits

Many Northampton residents and visitors generously shared their images of Northampton, Florence and Leeds. Those that contributed photographs are listed below (not all photos submitted are currently displayed on the website but may be used in the future). 

Website Photography Provided By...

In alphabetical order 
  • Lisa Abrams
  • Lorenzo Bonino
  • Anna Bowen
  • Michael Cote
  • Jennifer Higgins
  • Debra J'Anthony
  • Danielle Klein-Williams
  • Devin Koller
  • Sarajane Kostek
  • Lola Leo
  • Sam Masinter
  • Ann-Marie Moggio
  • Pete Olsen
  • Vanessa Oquendo
  • Ken Patenaude
  • Stephen Petegorsky
  • Oliver Rich
  • John Romanski
  • Steve Strimer