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Name Rank & Description
Phone Email
Jon Davine
Fire Chief
Oversees management of entire department
Email Jon Davine
Andy Pelis Assistant Fire Chief
Operations supervisor
Email Andy Pelis
John Garriepy Division Chief of EMS
Oversees EMS program
Email John Garriepy
Shawn Denkiewicz Deputy Chief
A-Group Shift Commander
413-587-1156, ext 5600 Email Shawn Denkiewicz 
William Millin Deputy Chief
B-Group Shift Commander
413-587-1156, ext 5601 Email William Millin
Steve Vanasse Deputy Chief
C-Group Shift Commander
413-587-1156, ext 5602 Email Steve Vanasse
Andy Breen Deputy Chief
D-Group Shift Commander
413-587-1156, ext 5603 Email Andy Breen
Mark Curtin Captain
Fire Prevention Officer
Handles all fire prevention questions and issues
413-587-1241 Email Mark Curtin
Caleb Langer Captain
Training Officer
Conducts training for the entire department
Email Caleb Langer
Jeff Bates Mechanic
Responsible for repair and maintenance of apparatus
Email Jeff Bates
Melissa Betsold Administrative Assistant 413-587-1081 Email Melissa Betsold