Fire Prevention

Duties of Fire Prevention

  • Sprinkler and Fire Alarm plan review
  • Inspections of all health care facilities
  • Inspections of all gas stations
  • Annual inspections of all liquor license establishments
  • Inspections of all schools & colleges
  • Inspections of all occupancies of 13 or more
  • Investigation of all complaints / questions
  • Hoarding Issues
  • Underground storage tank removals and permitting
  • Inspection of areas of assembly (50 + people)
  • Fire safety education
  • Annual fire prevention permits
  • State mandated fire inspections
  • Acceptance tests for fire alarm and sprinkler system installations
  • For fire safety and prevention information regarding condos, apartments and high rises, please click here
  • For additional fire prevention tips, please click here
Smoke Alarm and Fire Extinguisher


Fire Prevention Information

Letter Real Estate Agencies on Re-inspection fee