The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides emergency and essential services to the 30,000 citizens of Northampton.  We operate on a 24 hour-basis with pagers and night staffing when conditions warrant.  We are responsible for rapid response to breaks in the water and wastewater systems, as well as snow, ice and other inclement weather conditions, including flooding and public tree damage.

Division Responsible For
Administration and Purchasing  Supporting all Department of Public Works divisions.
Water, sewer, and stormwater billing
Engineering  Planning, design and construction management
Survey-grade GPS and regional basestation
GIS mapping for all divisions
Infrastructure plans and records archive
Flood control system 
Parks and Cemeteries  City cemeteries
Parks and recreational fields
Bicycle paths
Musante Beach
Pulaski Park
Sewer System  Sewer pipes
Waste water treatment facility 
Solid Waste Management  Residential transfer station
Methane to electricity conversion at old landfill
Comprehensive recycling program 
Streets  Paved streets
Unpaved public ways
Sidewalks and crosswalks
Shade trees
Signs and traffic control systems
Mosquito control 
Storm Drainage System  Catch basins
Drainage pipes
Vehicle Maintenance  Heavy-duty vehicles and construction equipment 
Water supply  Watershed management and preservation
Water filtration and treatment facility
Water pipes
Water valves
Fire hydrants
Water meters