Back-in Angle Parking Trial

Back-in Angle Parking Test
The City of Northampton conducted an experimental test of Back-In Angle Parking at eight metered parking spots on Main Street between Center Street and Gothic Street. The test began on August 5, 2007 and was concluded after 45 days on September 18, 2007.

Back-in Angle Implementations
Back-in angle parking has been implemented in communities across the country because of its proven safety benefits over traditional front-in angle parking. The Main Street test was recommended by the Transportation and Parking Commission with authorization from the Northampton City Council. 

Back-in Angle Testing
The test was closely monitored by the Parking Division and the Northampton Police Department. Transportation researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst performed an independent review, the results of which are still pending.

The Transportation and Parking Commission extends its thanks to all of the motorists who tried the experimental parking and offered their feedback on whether or not back-in angle parking was appropriate for downtown Northampton.

Additional Information
Back-in angle parking driver field of vision
Back-in angle parking test