Central Business Architecture Committee


  • Aelan Tierney
    Term expires: 2017
  • Bridget Goggins
    Term expires: 2019
  • Bruce Kriviskey, Chair
    Term expires: 2019
  • Joseph Blumenthal
    Term expires: 2018
  • Melissa Frydlo, Alternate
    Term expires:2019
  • Robert Walker                             Term expires 2017
  • Vacant, Alternate
About the Committee
The Central Business Architecture Committee oversees the Central Business Architecture Ordinance, whose purpose is to preserve and enhance the pedestrian-scale character, culture, economy of downtown Northampton by preserving historic and architecturally valuable buildings and features, and by encouraging compatible building design. A volunteer board composed of representatives from the real estate industry, the Chamber of Commerce, the Northampton Historical Commission, the building and construction trades industry and a registered architect come together as needed for technical assistance and public hearings for permit applications for downtown renovation and construction projects requiring design review.