Biotechnology Council
The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council is an association of more than 550 biotechnology companies, universities, academic institutions, and others dedicated to advancing cutting edge research. MBC provides services and support to foster the biotechnology industry in Massachusetts and sustain our position as a world leader.

BioTech Council Life Sciences Financial Incentives
The Massachusetts BioTech Council Life Sciences Financial Incentives is the setting for one of the most dynamic scientific clusters the world has ever known because the state welcomes new companies and strongly supports the expansion of those already here with financial and tax incentives. There are a number of programs and tax advantages that make it easier for companies to thrive in the Bay State.

Life Sciences Center Accelerator Program
The primary objective of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Accelerator Loan Program is to provide working capital to early stage life sciences companies that still are in the process of further developing their science/technology and have not yet raised more than $5 million in equity financing.

Accelerator Program loans are capped at $750,000 per company. Target applicants generally are early-stage life sciences companies with a high potential for technology commercialization, rapid growth, and private equity financing. The Accelerator Program is designed to help sustain these companies through a critical stage of development and financing.