2009 - 2010 Green Business Recognition

Review the 2009 and 2010 Green Business Recognition Awards.

Big Y
Big Y has adopted an organics composting program with a dedicated compost compactor and delivering organics to a local farm compost facility. For its composting efforts, Big Y received the Massachusetts Recycle award for Food Diversion Business of the Year in 2010. Big Y has assembled an energy management team and hired the Center for Ecological Technology (a Northampton based non-profit) to advise them. Other initiatives include lighting improvements, compressor replacement, cloth bag initiative with reminder signs in parking lot, plastic bag return / recycling which accepts all kinds of recycled plastic bags not just Big Y consumer bags. Recycled bags are used to produce Trex decking material. Big Y also recycles film plastics and cardboard saving which also saved them over two million dollars in addition to diverting plastics from the landfill.

Northampton Brewery 
The Northampton Brewery recently conducted a deep energy retrofit which transformed the restaurant and brewery into a model of efficient and sustainable building renovation. The brewery is one of the first businesses in the region to undertake a deep energy retrofit on a commercial building. The extensive work included the installation of solar panels that help power the brewing process, a heat recovery ventilator, cork bark (a renewable resource) and plaster walls comprised of clay, seashells, and marble dust. The Brewery has cut its utilities by about 50% with its deep energy retrofit.

Pedal People 
Pedal People operates a bicycle-powered trash hauling and delivery service. Pedal People recently received the annual MassRecycle Business Award and has had national recognition for their creative business use of the bicycle.

Solidago Foundation & Thorne's Marketplace 
The Solidago Foundation and Thorne's Marketplace is a cooperative effort to renovate office space for Solidago on the top floor of Thornes Market into Zero Net Energy offices. The work included installation of a 75 panel photovoltaic array on top of Thornes to completely power Solidago’s offices and super-insulating the new offices. This is a great example of landlord tenant partnership in making sustainability improvements. The first LEED certified (Gold) restaurant for the corporation. The building design includes recycled and sustainably harvested building materials and a rain garden to collect rain water for irrigation.

Taco Bell Northampton 
203 King St.
Northampton, MA 01060
Ph: 413-582-0271

Tiger Press, owned by Reza and Jennifer Shafii, is one of the first off-set printers in New England to go green. Their house ink is soy based and their printing plates are chemical free which required an investment in new equipment to achieve. Tiger Press received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council for its commitment to using only paper products that are harvested using global sustainable forest management practices. The Forest Stewardship Council chain of custody traces timber products from their origin to their final destination. Tiger press also recycles 100% of all paper products used in their facility.